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Our hearts of Kunfu Group are with the people in the disaster areas
A precipitate earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province at 14:28 on May 12th. After the disaster happened, the staff of Kunfu Group carried out an emergent donation activity to "Bridge over the difficulties together the people in the disaster areas". All the staff actively took part in this activity and the value of the raised funds and materials for the disaster areas were more than RMB 330,000 Yuan.
Kunfu Group donated 90 generators to the people in the disaster areas this time for the forefront of the fight against the earthquake. The staff of Kunfu Group rushed out and debugged these generators at the cost of their rest time at weekends. For the sake of the rescue work in the disaster areas and in order to deliver goods on time abroad, the staff of Kunfu Group worked by shifts and overtime. At 07:00 on May 16th, 90 machines have been cased up. From receiving the notice to working overtime and rushing out the machines and to loading the truck for departure, it only took 30 hours. The staff of Kunfu Group corporately witnessed the process, feeling shocked and proud when the disaster relief materials were dispatched.
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