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In the evening of August 10th 2007, the program of “Kunfu Night—Power of Movement” was transcribed by Shanghai Charity Foundation, SMG together with Kunfu Group.
Shanghai Zhikang Rehabilitation Center for Children with a Cerebral Palsy is a rehabilitation center established by a philanthropist Ms. Lv Shunling. Confronted with the financial crisis without enough income, the home, which is elaborately furnished by the staff and children, seems to come to nothing…
At this activity, the chairman of Kunfu Group, Mr. Shi Bingjun, personally donated RMB 50,000 Yuan towards the children of the Rehabilitation Center and promised that he would continue to care for the children of the Rehabilitation Center for the future. Mr. Shi excitedly spoke on the stage: “The development of our enterprise can never forsake the society. We take interests from the society and shall repay to the society. We will try our best to help more people. Let’s grow up together.” After the program came to an end, with the help of volunteers, the children of the Rehabilitation Center walked to Mr. Shi and slowly said: “Thank You, Uncle!” What a warm and moving sight! As a child who fails to normally walk or talk, such a simple action requires more efforts for them than a normal person! At last, everyone is moved and posed for pictures with the children of the Rehabilitation Center, Ms. Lv Shunling and the singer He yaoshan.


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